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Singapore continues to lead Waseda rankings for third year running
Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Tokyo, Japan, 2 February 2011 – The Waseda University Institute of e-Government has released the 2011 Waseda University World e-Government Ranking, marking its seventh consecutive year of monitoring the development of e-Government worldwide. Singapore is once again at the top of the list. The complete list of the top 15 countries (economies) which have the most advanced development in e-government according to the Waseda Survey are: (1) Singapore, (2) USA, (3) Sweden, (4) Korea, (5) Finland, (6) Japan, (7) Canada, (8) Estonia, (9) Belgium, (10) United Kingdom / Denmark, (12) Italy, (13)Taiwan, (14) Australia, (15) Norway. The 2011 ranking surveys the e-Government development of 50 countries altogether. New to the rankings are 10 countries, which were added to the survey for the first time: Czech Republic, Egypt, Georgia, Iran, Israel, Macau SAR, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, and Uzbekistan.

Prof. Dr. Toshio Obi, Director of the Waseda Institute and Head of the research team observed that "ICT can be a powerful tool to current economic issues and in doing so, consolidate an inclusive Information Society. Governments are key actors in this process in building towards a citizen-oriented state".

Altogether, there are seven main indicators used to carry out the survey. These indicators are: network preparedness, required interface-functioning applications, management optimization, national portal, CIO in government, e-Government promotion and e-participation.

Over the past seven years, the Waseda e-Government research team has surveyed the developments and observed the trends in the e-government arena. Some of the more prominent or interesting trends deal not just with technological developments, but also "paradigms" of how ICT is to be viewed within the context of solving problems.
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Digital Government Ranking
No Countries Score
1  Singapore 93.80
2  USA 93.58
3  Denmark 91.25
4  UK 90.17
5  Korea  89.39
6  Japan 87.77
7  Australia 86.30
8  Estonia 84.87
9  Canada 81.45
10  Norway 79.63

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