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Prof. Dr. Toshio OBI
 + Professor, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies
 + Director, Institute of e-Government, Waseda University
 + Director, APEC e-Government Research Center

PhD from Waseda University and Master degree from Graduate School of Keio University. Worked for UN development Program as a program planner. Senior researcher in the Center of Japanese Economy and Business at Columbia University. Executive adviser to Japanese Minister of Labor. Member of various advisory committees of Japanese Government including:
Chair, National e-Government Promotion Council. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), ect. President, International Academy of CIO, Chair, UNESCO UNITWIN Program on Disaster Management and Member of Mobile Business Forum and Adviser to ITU TELECOM.

WASEDA - IAC International Digital Government Ranking 2017
No Countries Score
1    Singapore 91.057
2    Denmark 88.739
3    USA 87.117
4    Japan 81.236
5    Estonia 81.198
6    Canada 77.425
7    New Zealand 75.041
8    South Korea 74.828
9    UK 74.214
10    Taiwan 73.224

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