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2011 World e-Government Ranking
The Waseda University Institute of e-Government has released the 2011 Waseda University World e-Government Ranking, marking its seventh consecutive year of monitoring the development of e-Government worldwide. Prof. Dr. Toshio Obi, Director of the Institute and Head of the research team submitted this report. Professor Obi observed that ICT can be a powerful tool to current economic issues and in doing so, consolidate an inclusive Information Society. Governments are key actors in this process in building towards a citizen-oriented state.

The complete list of the top 15 countries (economies) which have the most advanced development in e-government according to the Waseda Survey are: (1) Singapore, (2) USA, (3)Sweden, (4) Korea, (5) Finland, (6) Japan, (7) Canada, (8) Estonia, (9)Belgium, (10)UK/Denmark, (12)Italy, (13)Taiwan , (14)Australia, (15)Norway. This latest edition of the Waseda Ranking surveys the e-Government development of 50 countries altogether.

Georgia appeared in the ranking first time and occupies the 50th place.

Detailed information: http://www.waseda.jp/eng/news10/110114_egov.html
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Digital Government Ranking
No Countries Score
1  Singapore 93.80
2  USA 93.58
3  Denmark 91.25
4  UK 90.17
5  Korea  89.39
6  Japan 87.77
7  Australia 86.30
8  Estonia 84.87
9  Canada 81.45
10  Norway 79.63

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