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Chief Information Officer for e-Government in Japan with Lessons from International Survey of e-Government Ranking
Nowadays, e-Government has become an integral part of Information Society, providing more convenient, friendly, transparent and inexpensive interaction between government and citizens. E-Government involves fundamental transformation of public administration processes to ensure efficient government management by improvement of interactions with business, citizens and within the government agencies. Such transformation is very challenging and requires an innovative approach to technology management that would facilitate organizational, social, economic, and political innovations.

This presentation intends to highlight Japanese e-Government policy initiatives. It discusses changing trends in core competences of the government CIO which occur in response to new challenges of e-government implementation in Japan. This presentation also highlights the results of the 2009 World e-Government ranking conducted by Waseda University.

Source: http://www.egov.iist.unu.edu/cegov/EVENTS/Events-2009/Chief-Information-Officer-for-e-Government-in-Japan-with-Lessons-from-International-Survey-of-e-Government-Ranking

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Digital Government Ranking
No Countries Score
1  Singapore 93.80
2  USA 93.58
3  Denmark 91.25
4  UK 90.17
5  Korea  89.39
6  Japan 87.77
7  Australia 86.30
8  Estonia 84.87
9  Canada 81.45
10  Norway 79.63

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