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APEC Digital Government Research Center
          DSG Conference 
APECTEL Project, DSG Workshop on e-Government, Organized by APEC e-Government Research Center, 18th Sept, 2013 in Hawaii
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          Progress Report 
APEC e-Government Research Center at WASEDA University by Director Prof. Dr. Toshio OBI - APEC TEL 47 ICT Development Steering Group (DSG) Meeting Indonesia, PRC. May 2013.
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          The Activities of APEC D-Gov Research Center 
1. APEC Project  Proposal:
Please submit through relevant APEC Secretariat Program Director. Proposals must be no longer than 12 pages, including budget and title page.
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2. APEC capacity building model in “ICT applications for people with special needs”
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3. Extension of the network of APEC D-Government Research Center
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4. Extension of Project on ICT Applications for people with Special needs
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5. Smart Innovation in Japan
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The 2016 WASEDA - IAC
Digital Government Ranking
No Countries Score
1  Singapore 91.0
2  USA 90.2
3  Denmark 88.8
4  Korea 85.7
5  Japan  83.2
6  Estonia 81.8
7  Canada 79.9
8  Australia 76.4
9  New Zealands 74.1
10  UK 72.7

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